Sunday, 2 December 2012

Love it or Leave it ALONE.

Now I'm not one to unnecessarily hate on a person or their relationship however over the past month or so I've see so much forced love declarations on social networking sites.

I'm all for public display of affection to a certain extent but when couples and most of the time it tends to be the female in the relationship lets it be known to Twitter, Facebook etc that their 'In Love' with their boy and he's done and is doing this and that for her one minute and the next the TL is filled with either depressing quotes or indirects for the world to know it really grinds my gears.

My thoughts on that issue are that their are certain things only the two parties in a relationship should know. Now maybe it's just because I'm a very private person but
I wouldn't dare to put it on twitter if I was going through a lovers spat with my other half. Not only does it make you look like a total tool but it somewhat from the outside world looks as if your relationship is a pile of pants if every other day your breaking up and going at each others neck every two seconds.

But enough of that just thought I'd let you guys in a little on the thoughts for the evening. It's 1:04am and I have work at 7am. Sigh.

It's true what they say 'your imagination runs wildest at night'

Goodnight! xo

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